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New Paper: MetaCommunication as Second Order Communication

MetaCommunication as Second Order Communication in KOME Journal- an International Journal of Pure Communication Inquiry

“Metacommunication as Second Order Communication”, KOME − An International Journal of Pure Communication Inquiry, Volume 5 Issue 1, 2017, p. 80-90. DOI: 10.17646/KOME.2017.15


 By giving full emphasis to the impossibility of not to communicate, the first axiom of communication stresses how communication is an event not subject to cessation. It is this never-ending characteristic that impels us to the need to ponder on metacommunication as “communication about communication”. By taking a  philosophically informed and pragmatic stance, this paper deals with the concept of “metacommunication” and tries to incorporate it in the theory of communication. It posits communication is a multilevel dialectical happening in which metacommunication presents itself a kind of second order communication. The paper describes communication as an ad infinitum  process in which every communication supposes always more communication. Metacommunication is the answer to the relationship level of communication and that’s why we postulate metacommunication as a re-communicating communication.

You may also be interested in : “There is no outside of communication -Metacommunication at the light of Derrida’s graphematic structure of communication” In Marcos, Ml, Babo, MA, Santos R. (org.), Jacques Derrida, CECL/Unileya, 2015, ISBN: 9789899850347

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