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Communication Studies Journal (Labcom)

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I recommend you regularly consult "Communication Studies" Journal. It published quality papers with a diversity of methodological approaches and a variety of subjects. A great resource to any researcher in communication.

"Communication Studies" is intended to include various approaches, methodologies and lines of research, defining itself as a journal of Communication Sciences with an interdisciplinary profile and open to a plurality of methods".

"The main guidelines of the Journal editorial policy are oriented to the concepts of "citizenship" and "participation", understood from a communicational point of view, involving processes and devices of knowledge circulation and opinion formation in the political field in general, and in specific areas of public policy such as health, education, science culture, public opinion, gender and identity".

Some of my papers:

"A brief history of Public Opinion" (2008)

"The Ambivalence of Public Opinion in GWF Hegel" (2014)

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