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Cinema & Territory (C&T) - Journal on Cinema, Art and Visual Anthropology

Cinema & Territory (C&T) is an annual academic review, produced within the University of Madeira (UMa), under the direction of Dr. Christine Escallier, anthropologist and President of the Scientific Commission of the Encontro Cinema e Território, created in 2013.
The C&T is open to proposals for publication of internal and external researchers to the University of Madeira that fits in the fields of Arts and film studies, visual anthropology, and other scientific areas which address the proposed themes.
In addition to papers of professors and visiting researchers, the review welcomes proposals for publication of UMa’s internal and external contributors, which will be subject to scientific arbitration (according to a peer review model).
The C&T can also publish interviews and critical reviews as long as that fits in the thematic and quality parameters established by the Scientific Committee.

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