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New Ebook Collection from CECL

The Research Center CECL (Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Linguagens) has just launched a new ebook collection  about Communication (written in portuguese), in which I am the Executive Producer.


Here is the abstract:

"In this doctoral dissertation we aim to contribute to a theoretical framework for cyberformance, live performance taking place in virtual environments, platforms and words. This emerging genre is intermedial, multimodal, hybrid, liminal, collaborative, low cost, low tech and interventive, both aesthetically and socially.
Through the Internet, connecting remote performers and audiences, this kind of performance has been developing for the last two decades. Chat rooms and Multi User Dungeons where the first cyberspaces where this artistic practice happened. However, soon it transited into graphic environments and virtual words, even creating its own platforms and festivals.
In the first part of this research we inquiry into the relation between virtual and actual and analyse the spaces where cyberformance takes place, selecting from related theoretical frameworks the aspects that favour the understanding of the creative process of this genre. The openness of virtual communities and ambiences creates a topos that is beyond simulation and allows for the rise of the «virtually human» that integrates cyberformance. This practice develops through tangible and visible interfaces that allow for an understanding of those virtual platforms not as immersive but rather augmented and hypermediated environments.
A passage through a chronology of the relation between performance and technology in a dialectic mode with recent experiments in digital performance situates cyberformance ascendency in the avant-garde movements of the XX century.

Based on our own artistic practice on the referred virtual contexts and on recent academic research on digital performance we try a theoretical framing by working on an updated definition of cyberformance. The analysis of the form, content and creative process of some specific performances lead us to the conception of a typology for cyberformance where the types only exist dialogically and take effect through either the text, the code or the body in interface with the virtual.
With this study we intend to open the inquiry into the contribution of this emergent genre for the contemporary arts and for changes in everyday distributed communication".

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