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New Book: A Tele-Realidade (in portuguese)

Capa: Samuel Mateus (2013) A Tele-Realidade – o princípio de publicidade mediatizado. Livros LabCom [LabCom Books]. Pesquisas em comunicação.

Just released!
For tele-reality, we understand the public function that television plays by building television, semiotics and narrative of your grid programmatically. It is based on a social function factual operated by symbolic reproduction of sociality .

What is in question, at bottom, is the mediation of television's publicity and how television helps to disseminate the symbolic processes that pervade our societies. Each chapter in its own way, characterizes the different facets of tele-reality from the issue of its fictionalization, through its characteristic proto -political, to the issue of social integration and individualization .

The book may be of interest not only to those who dedicate themselves to television studies but also to Communication Theory, Sociology of Communication, Political Communication, Visual Culture and Individualism.

from the introduction of A Tele-Realidade - o princípio de publicidade mediatizado

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