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Rhetoric Discourse and the Communicative Dialogical Mind Conference

Rhetoric Discourse and the Communicative Dialogical Mind International Conference will be held in Lisbon University, next June.

Focusing on wide-raging domain of rhetoric communication, the conference addresses past and present issues ranging from Aristotelian Rhetoric to cognitive-oriented linguistic approaches. It is argued that our communicative minds operate beyond cool reason by mixing up semantic domains in multimodal frames both in mass and networked communication. Metaphor use in specialist and popularized discourse contexts must also be accounted for in view of the pervasiveness of imaginative processes in terminology coinage in different areas of expertise.

I hope to see some of you there.

Communication Studies Journal (Labcom)

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I recommend you regularly consult "Communication Studies" Journal. It published quality papers with a diversity of methodological approaches and a variety of subjects. A great resource to any researcher in communication.

"Communication Studies" is intended to include various approaches, methodologies and lines of research, defining itself as a journal of Communication Sciences with an interdisciplinary profile and open to a plurality of methods".

"The main guidelines of the Journal editorial policy are oriented to the concepts of "citizenship" and "participation", understood from a communicational point of view, involving processes and devices of knowledge circulation and opinion formation in the political field in general, and in specific areas of public policy such as health, education, science culture, public opinion, gender and identity".

Some of my papers:

"A brief history of Public Opinion" (2008)

"The Ambivalence of Public Opinion in GWF Hegel" (2014)

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Iberoamerican Network on Imaginaries and Representations

Some of my papers deal with the Imaginary and its relation to publicness.

Don't forget to check RIIR, the Iberoamerican Network on Imaginaries and Representations where you can find many interesting papers and books on the subject.


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Conference: The journalistic discourse in Madeira Press in early 20th century

Conference: The  Journalistic Discourse in Madeira Press in early 20th century

May, 3rd, 2017
Madeira's Press Museum (Câmara de Lobos)

This conference celebrated the World Press Freedom day!

More info:


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Ontopower- war, powers, and the state of perception by Brian Massumi Book Review

Brian Massumi, Ontopower: War, Powers, and the State of Perception , Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2015, 320 pp., $24.95 (paperback)

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A new review on Massumi's book that can be read here.

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Jacques-Louis David's The Death of Sócrates

The free-speech or to speak boldly (parrhesia) calls our attention to the need to define the boundaries of rhetoric. In the classical conception, parrhesia and rhetoric were placed as discursive activities incompatible with each other.
However, some distinctly modern communication activities have changed this space of mutual impossibility. Given the changes that rhetoric has suffered with mediatization, it is urgent to ponder the degree of influence between rhetoric and parrhesia.
This paper describes today’s reciprocal influence between rhetorical and parrhesia.
On the one hand, parrhesia appears to manifest itself rhetorically in advertising discourse as a rhetorical trope and being an indispensable figure of elocution from a pathos’s point of view. On the other hand, parrhesia seems to manifest itself in the professional and ethical practice of journalism as a kind of intrinsic speech that legitimizes journalist activity.
Thus, the paper emphasizes the possibility of a Rhetoric of Parrhesic effect.

Check this in the Paper's section !

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Communication Theory conference in Madeira University

The Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences (SOPCOM) visits the Madeira University with a conference on different aspects on Communication Theory.

Communication theory is a multidisciplinar and complex domain.
In "Communication Theory as a Field" , for example, Robert T Craig proposes seven traditions of communication theory with their own way of understanding communication:
  1. Rhetorical: views communication as the practical art of discourse.
  2. Semiotic: views communication as the mediation by signs.
  3. Phenomenological: communication is the experience of dialogue with others.
  4. Cybernetic: communication is the flow of information.
  5. Socio-psychological: communication is the interaction of individuals.
  6. Socio-cultural: communication is the production and reproduction of the social order.
  7. Critical: communication is the process in which all assumptions can be challenged
Craig, Robert T.  (1999). "Communication Theory as a Field" (PDF). Communication Theory. Blackwell Publishing Ltd.; International Communication Association. 9 (2): 119–161. doi:10.1111/j.1468-2885.1999.tb00355.

I am sure many of these traditions will be present in the speaker's presentations.

February, 15th 2017
Free Entrance!